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Our Academics

Our homeschool curriculum has been used for decades with proven results. We use a variety of well known homeschool materials as well as the SmartyPanda brand for some subjects. All subjects will require books and workbooks. Students will NOT be using ebooks. While we do use technology heavily through our virtual homeschool, we would like children to have the opportunity to do their writing and reading in physical workbooks and texts. A healthy balance of time studying away from technology during some school hours is important. Technology is a great advantage but we believe a well rounded student should still value a book with pages as well!
* Below is an overview of our educational standards. If you would like details for each grade please scroll down. 


From learning the ABC's to reading advanced classical novels we will really sweep the spectrum of literacy! Our strong approach to phonics and reading readiness throws common core out the window. We go back to the basics and focus on quality education not standardized test prep! Our administrators are happy to discuss grade specific reading material. We can assure care takers and parents that we rely heavily on classics and we do read many books that have a Christian world view with moral undertones. 


All grades are expected to complete vocabulary, spelling, and writing. From early learning working on printing to our grade 4 students and up creating essays and reports we offer a well rounded writing program. Our administration will discuss writing and English curriculum based on your students ability and grade.  


Our Mathematics courses follow a course of strong mental math skills  and build upon fast and accurate calculations. We follow curriculum used in Japan and Singapore as these countries are top rated for student abilities in math. 


Science will include challenging courses in general science, physics, chemistry, anatomy, and biology. A different interest will be pursued each semester with hands on experiments. 

Geography / History

We follow a history cycle through time with living history books and text books. Students will learn geography and history while passing through time and each part of the world. We will repeat the cycle in elementary school so that students may increase their understanding of complex issues. History and Geography will not have a political agenda as you may find in public school settings. 

Foreign Language

Foreign language is not required but highly encouraged. We offer Japanese or Korean language studies. 

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